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Who We Are

We are a women owned San Antonio based pest control company.

We deliver what we commit.

What We Do

Queen Bee Pest control prides itself in providing you with the best, safest and most effective pest control.

Our services include both residential and commercial, so that you remain bug free in both office and home.


Q: Do we have to leave the house for the German Roach treatment?

A: No. Fumigation is not necessary for this treatment. We will do proper treatment with flushing and baiting.

Q: Is one time treatment going to be sufficient for any infestation?

A: Any removal of infestation is a 2-part process. The first treatment kills the adults and the second kills hatchlings to avoid any further infestation. The second treatment should be within 7-10 days of the first treatment.



Wonderful ladies and great service!! They use best products and provided us with information that will help me protect my home from pests.

I would recommend to all my family and friends.

Ajay , Residential Customer

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